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It seems that a pet lover can’t look at the news these days without seeing yet another report on tainted pet treats and products from China, some our favourite brands are coming under fire as more cats and dogs fall ill and even die. It is no longer enough to assume that big brand pet health product manufacturers are putting in the quality control efforts that we expect, which is a hard pill to swallow when most owners consider their pets one of the family and treat them as if they are their own children. We need to care for our furry loved ones as we would care for ourselves.

As the focus on human nutrition leads us to believe that organic and natural supplement products are the way forward to health and longevity, we can apply the same rules to our pets diets. By choosing natural treats, supplements and food for our dogs and cats, we can breathe easy knowing we have made the right decisions for our pets well-being.

A great pet supplement should meet a few essential criteria. As before, natural ingredients are a must, it should be tasty and enticing and it should provide all the nutritional needs of your pet. A great product from Pet Naturals of Vermont – Daily Best for Cats Sugar Free 45’s is a great example of what is desired. A large pack size at an affordable price which is even better using iherb coupons, a delicious natural chicken liver flavour that your cat will gobble up, and a full range of Omega 3 fatty acids and multivitamins.

A lot of people would ask why give an animal a supplement? Well, for the same reason people take them of course, supplements work in conjunction with an already healthy diet to maximise the benefits of vitamins and minerals. Depending on the product used, some of the benefits will result in: improving and preventing arthritic joint pain in older pets, skin health and shiny fur, and help with gastro/stomach issues. Look for glucosamine for joint health, fish oil for a healthy coat and fatty acids to help with gastrointestinal problems.

We love our animals and always want the best for them, supplementing their diets with a safe, natural and effective formula could add to the quality of their lives. Use iherb coupons to score a great deal on quality products at iherb.com. Enjoy a long life with a happy, healthy furry companion.


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